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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Branch Coral Bliss

Don't you love branch coral? I bought a graduated strand and I was worried, since the branches were tiny, that wouldn't add much and it wouldn't go very far, but a little is all you need to add a delicious
   organic 'pop' to a jewelry design.  I am still playing with my new camera and I confess, I ordered another one to try out before I commit. It reminds me when I was on a Zappos bender, and  I must have had 10 or 12 pairs of shoes in the running. I came home one day and my husband had created a  giant pyramid of shoe boxes in the foyer to greet me.  Everyone that sees my cute little Elph wants it and I have to say it is fun to use. I am trying to get more things up onto my etsy shop  so I need to keep clicking away. I bought this nifty light box a couple of years ago off of eBay. I like that the lighting is consistent since I am not much of a photographer and the light is soft so the silver doesn't shoot off blinding reflections, but I need to experiment with natural light . Thanks Kellie, for showing me some features on the camera I didn't know I had. 


  1. LOVE your jewelry !!!! Get compliments EVERY time i wear either one of them. Thanks so much for bringing them to the hotel that night !!!!


  2. Hey Dale, see you soon for the 24 finale! Happy birthday! : ) Ceil

  3. wow, I am so impressed with your blog! And your photography is looking good too! Happy Birthday