She looked up at the clouds and said 'I see God.' When I asked what God was doing she said 'Making Stuff.'

Friday, July 2, 2010

New Beach Inspired Beads

It is so good to be home for the summer and have time to work on my glass again. I am experimenting with shell-like forms and using a pipe tube to blow shells.  Don't inhale!


  1. Hi Dale -

    Love, love, love the beach inspired beads. The recycled glass necklaces are amazing. I pray God continues to pour creativity into your heart and that you find much joy in creating. We have seen so much while traveling that reminds the kids and I of "Mrs. Wayne." I haven't painted yet but Jim set up my easel this morning. The kids and I visited a gallery here today. Waiting for inspiration. Love ya, amy and kids

  2. Was just thinking of you! Thanks Amy.