She looked up at the clouds and said 'I see God.' When I asked what God was doing she said 'Making Stuff.'

Thursday, June 24, 2010

At the Beach Experimenting with Photo Shoot

I am meeting with my fabulous web-designer Tera Kenney on Wednesday to redesign my site and add a shopping cart among other things.  Nina Fareed is going to do some PR for me so I need to get it up to speed for the onslaught of new orders (hope and pray  hope and pray.) Seriously, I want to get my site more shopper friendly and update it with more current pieces. Here is a shot I took of Nat at the beach with one of my pieces on.  I am wondering if it would help shoppers to see the pieces on a model since they can't try them on in cyberspace.  How can we make the site feel like they are handling the jewelry?  I wish I had brought more pieces with me.  I like how these turned out.

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